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Genusspecies/nameDescription Price
PAPAVER'Super Poppy Series.'Many thanks to Sandy Worth (who holds the NCCPG National Collection of poppies) for letting us sell some of these new Super Poppies. Bred in America they are like giant oriental poppies and flower for much longer. Best planted in full sun, cut back after flowering for a second flush of flower. PBR.  
'Medallion'.Stunning large upward facing blooms of ravishing plum-purple discreetly fading to the genteel rose of ancient needle work. 90cm (3'). 1L pots. £8.30
'Shasta'.Breathtakingly pretty, huge flowers of lime-white suffused with pale blush-pink darkening to the petal edge. 90cm (3'). 1L pots. £8.30
PARADISIAliliastrum.St Brunos Lily. Should be planted next to Dianthus carthusianorum as St Bruno founded the Carthusians. Sword like leaves and stems to 60cm lit by purest white flowers in June and July. Fine in dry soil but good in moist. £3.00
PATRINIAscabiosifolia.From East Asia happy in sun or shade with attractive divided leaves and 90cm stems of illuminatingly bright yellow branches of flower in late summer. £3.00
PHLOMISfruticosa 'Edward Bowles'.A strong growing Jerusalem Sage with good silver-grey foliage up to 130cm high with very attractive pale yellow flowers in summer. £3.00
PHLOMISlongifolia.A fine low shrub for sun and good drainage with narrow grey-green leaves and clear yellow Jerusalem sage-like flowers in summer. 130cm. £3.00
PHLOMIStuberosa 'Amazone'An excellent herbaceous perennial with attractive heart shaped leaves and 90 cm spires of pink flower in July and Aug.£3.50
POLEMONIUM'Lambrook Mauve'The very best of all Polemoniums, this plant is smothered in large soft mauve flowers .Not invasive and at only 45cms high this is a very desirable addition to the front of the border. May to June and likes semi shade and rich soil. AGM £3.00
POLEMONIUM'Northern Lights'A super scented 'Jacob's Ladder' with neat habit and flowers of clear pale blue on 30cm stems. £3.00
POLYGONUMamplexicaulisAn excellent plant for late summer and early autumn colour. Dark claret flower spikes cover the plant for weeks. Grows well in damp or dry conditions. 90-120cms.£3.00
POTENTILLAthurberi 'Monarch's Velvet'A superb plant which our customers cannot resist when in flower. Bears a multitude of brilliant rich raspberry red flowers with deep velvet red centres. 60cms. June to August. Full sun. £3.00
POTENTILLAx hopwoodianaStrawberry-like leaves with clusters of pretty soft pink flowers on 50cm stems all summer. Sun.£3.00
PRIMULA'Black and Gold'Stunning Polyanthus flowers of deepest chocolate edged and eyed with primrose-gold on 15cm stems in Spring. Divide regularly to encourage more flowers. Sun or semi-shade.£3.00
PRIMULA'Dark Rosaleen'.A smashing old fashioned primula with dark reddish purple leaves and in spring rich red flowers marked with five pale mauve zones and a central eye of yellow. Divide regularly. 15cm. £3.00
PRIMULA'Wanda Hose in Hose'The well loved low edger 'Wanda' but with each deep purple flower set within another. A cheerful plant for early spring colour. Rich soil in sun or semi-shade. 10 cm.£3.00
PULMONARIA'Blue Ensign'Invaluable for early colour flowering from March to June with masses of large deep Mediterranean blue flowers. 25cms. Very tough for sun or shade.£3.00
PULMONARIA'Majeste'Bright silver-grey leaves and pretty pink and violet flowers from March to May.£3.00
PULMONARIA'Opal'Such useful plants for early flower and foliage. Bright silver variegated leaves and gem-like palest pink buds which open to opalescent misty blue flowers on 25cm (10") plants. Sun or shade. £3.00
RANUNCULUSficaria 'Brambling'Stunning purple and chocolate coloured leaves topped by golden yellow buttercups.£2.50
RANUNCULUSficaria 'Brazen Hussey'Introduced by Christopher Lloyd. Eyecatching mounds of glossy dark purple-black leaves covered in Spring with contrasting, shining gold flowers. Sun or shade.£3.00
RANUNCULUSficaria subsp. Chrysocephalus(formally R.f 'major'). Super giant yellow celandine flowers in early Spring on 25cm stems above glossy leaves. £3.00
SALVIAchamaedryoidesFrom southern USA and Mexico. 60 cm branches of grey green foliage hung from June to September with sprays of truly beautiful dark blue tubular flowers. Full sun and good draining. £3.00
SALVIAx sylvestris 'Mainacht'. 'May Night'Darkest indigo-violet flowers on many spires up to 60 cm high from mid to late summer. Certainly one of the border classics. Sun .AGM.£3.50
SALVIAverticillata 'Purple Rain'The species has been grown here since 1594. This is a lovely form with papal violet purple calyces on arching stems to 45cms.June to Aug. Sun and good drainage.£3.00
SANGUISORBAarmenaA bold plant collected by Bill Baker, having long silver-grey much dissected leaves which resemble those of the much more tender Melianthus major. Bottle brush flowers of white are produced in mid summer on 90-120 cm stems. This is a wonderful hardy plant which makes a good focal point. A rare addition to the garden. Sun or semi shade. Any soil.£3.80
SANGUISORBAmenziesiiAn easy plant with attractive foliage and frolicking cats' tails of rich maroon flowers on 30 to 50 cm stems in summer. Sun or semi-shade.£4.00
SANGUISORBAofficianalis. 'Great Burnet'.Given to us by John Coke from his garden at Bury Court. Up to 120cm stems of dark blood-red flower clusters which dance on the breeze above strong green foliage in summer. Sun or semi-shade.£3.00
SANGUISORBA'Tanna'.Only 30-50cm high with charming blue-green foliage and very many flowers of rich claret from July to September. £3.00
SANTOLINArosmarinifolia subsp. rosmarinifolia white floweredA brand new addition to the fragrant green leaved Santolinas.This one with white flower clusters in summer on 30 cm dwarf bushes. Sun, good drainage. Very rare. £3.50
SAXIFRAGAfortunei RubrifoliaI am reliably informed by Elaine that I told her about this plant in 1971 before we were married, fortunately my passion for this plant did not put her off me. Bold mounds of rich ruby red foliage play host to great , beautiful explosions of pure white shooting star flowers from August to the worst frost. 30cm. A woodlander for semi-shade and leafy soil. £4.50
SCOPOLIAcarniolicaFascinating potato relative. From tough woody rhizomes spring crowded clusters of brownish-purple cup shaped flowers from March to May. 20 to 30cm. A native of southern Europe for shade or semi-shade. £4.00
SEDUMacre aureum.Our native Stonecrop, known as Wall Pepper, or better still 'Welcome-home-husband-though-never-so-drunk'. Will grow in the most hostile dry conditions even on a roof. This form has beautiful vibrant gold foliage and yellow flowers in summer. £3.00
SEDUM'Bertram Anderson'An excellent low growing sedum for the front of a sunny border. Deep maroon black leaves topped with dusky purple flowers in mid summer.15 cms.£3.00
SEDUM'Carl'Rose pink flowers on this new introduction. Shorter than many other sedums and liking a sunny position. Loved by butterflies.£3.00
SEDUM'Matrona'.Useful purple flushed foliage and pale pink flowers which slowly darken to red in late summer.60cm. Sun. £3.00
SEDUMpalmeriGood drainage and a sunny sheltered position for this Mexican sedum which has grey green sprawling stems and spreading heads of yellow flower in May and June. 15cm. £3.00
SEDUM'Purple Emperor'One of the best dark leaved sedums. Deep maroon leaves are topped by red flowers from July to Sept. 40 cms. Needs free draining soil and a sunny spot.£3.50
SEDUM'Red Cauli'Attractive mounds of rich red flower up to 30cm£3.00
SEDUMtelephium var. borderi.Lovely flowers of purple-pink on 30cm plants in July and August. £3.00
SELINUMwallichianumE.A.Bowles called this 'the most beautiful of all fern leaved plants', and he knew a plant or two. From the foothills of the Himalayas this grand umbellifer has exquisitely cut fern like foliage and bold 1.5m (5ft) stalks topped with large 20cm wide, flat 'umbrellas' of purest snow-white flowers from July to Aug. Bowles also called it 'the queen of umbellifers'. Sun. £3.50
SEMIAQUILEGIAecalcarataIntroduced in 1915 from western China the flowers are like short spurred Aquilegias of good crimson colour, nodding and beautiful in June, on 30 to 45cm stems. Sun.£3.00
SISYRINCHIUM'Dragon Eyes'Large flowered form. With pale mauve flowers and deeper veining on the petals. 10cms. Full sun. Light soil. £2.50
SISYRINCHIUM'E K Balls'A cheerful companion to the above. 15cm plants with dark blue flowers above grassy foliage. Full sun and free draining soil. £2.50
SISYRINCHIUM'Quaint and Queer'Grassy leaves and very attractive flowers of freckled pale biscuit on 20 cm plants. £2.50
SISYRINCHIUMstriatum.Over years of growing this plant I never tire of its clean blue-grey, iris-like leaves and spikes of cream flowers on 80cm stems in mid-summer. Best in full sun, it tolerates drought very well and self seeds in all the right places. £3.00
SOLIDAGO'Goldenmosa'This plant is always a winner for late summer colour with masses of stems bearing a great array of pale lemon yellow flowers, easy to grow in sun or semi-shade. 75cm. AGM. £3.00
SPIRANTHEScernua var. odorata 'Chadds Form'An American relative of our Autumn Ladies Tresses. From Aug. to Nov. tall cork screw stems of scented white flowers up to 45cm high. Enjoys some lime and likes a loamy soil. An easy and hardy orchid.£4.50
SYMPHYANDRAosseticaA fast growing perennial for semi shade or sun. Flowering in late summer with bell shaped flowers of clear lavender blue on many branched stems. 45cms.£3.00
SYMPHYTUMcaucasicumA beautiful vigorous comfrey from the Caucasus. From strong clumps of leaves spring myriads of pure sky blue flowers on 90cm stems from April to June. Very tough and makes a fantastic ground cover. Any soil. Wet or dry. AGM£3.00
TANECETUMniveum 'Jackpot'From a mound of scented silver foliage are produced multitudes of pure white daisy flowers from June to September. Stunning. 1m. Sunny position. £3.00
TELLIMAgrandifloraA versatile ground cover plant with mounds of scalloped shaped evergreen leaves and 45cm dainty spires of cream flowers darkening to red. May. Semi shade and moist soil. 1826. £2.50
TEUCRIUMchamaedrysGermander. A fine evergreen dwarf shrub, sadly not seen in many gardens. Bedecked in July and August with whorls of tubular rose lipped flowers against low glossy dark green foliage. Used in Elizabethan knot gardens. Sun or shade 25cms. £3.00
THALICTRUMdelavayi 'Album'.Meadow rue foliage is always attractive and this plant has lovely delicate pale green foliage supporting exquisite open sprays of purest white flowers up to 1.5m tall. Humus rich soil in sun or semi shade. China.£3.00
TRIFOLIUMochroleuconA very different clover with pale cream flowers on 10 -40 cm stems. Likes a dry grassy spot and flowers in May. Very choice and unusual.£3.00
TRIFOLIUMrubens 'Peachy Pink'Similar to the above but with charming peachy pink flower clusters in June. 40 cms. £3.00
TRIFOLIUMrubens.Very unclover-like clover. Strong clumps of soft velvety green leaves and many bold, dense spikes of dark red flowers in summer. 60cm. Sun. £3.00
UVULARIAgrandifloraMerrybells. These delicate woodland beauties are like fairies in disguise, this has the biggest flowers in May-June which are rich yellow and hang like exotic 2 inch long earrings.The foliage is attractively grey-green reaching 60cm. Best planted in rich leafy soil in shade. AGM. £4.00
UVULARIAperfoliataIn May and June pale yellow dainty flowers dangle from 30cm stems. The leaves are soft greyish-green. They are everything about the beauty of May in the woods when the leaf canopy is not too dense and these plants quietly dance in the breeze like dryads as the Cuckoo calls.£4.00
UVULARIAsessilifoliaFor the shadier part of the garden. This north American woodland plant has elegant arching stalks hung with lovely creamy yellow flowers from April to June. A choice and desirable plant. £4.00
VALERIANAphu 'Aurea'Fantastic for the rich gold colour of its Spring leaves Summer flowers in white clusters on 1.5m. stems. Sun, semi-shade. £3.00
VERBASCUMphlomoides.This has grown on the nursery since the early 1960's when we bought the seed as 'Harkness Hybrids'. It is a biennial and self sows every year. Large silver-velvet leaves throw up a tall 2m flower spike of large yellow or sometimes white flowers from mid-summer until autumn. Best in sun.£2.50
VERBASCUMphoeniceum 'Flush of White'Good perennials best in full sun where bold dense spires of pure white flowers enhance the border all summer. 60 cm. £3.00
VERONICAaustriaca 'Knallblau'Forms neat mounds of creeping stems with large flowers of clear blue. A really lovely but easy plant for the front of a border. Sun or semi shade. 20cms. July to Sept. £3.00
VERONICAlongifolia 'Blauriesin'Piercing candle like spires of sky blue flowers up to 80cm high. A well tempered plant easy in any position. July.£3.00
VERONICAgentianoides 'Pallida'A useful 'front of house' edger with creeping leafy stems and May flower spikes of white with the palest hint of blue. Sun or semi-shade. 40 cm.£3.00
VERONICApeduncularis 'Georgia Blue'A Roy Lancaster introduction of great merit. From a creeping mass of dark purple shaded foliage spring joyously bright blue flowers from late spring to autumn. Sun or semi shade. 15cms. £3.00
VERONICAspicata 'Icicle'.Good grey foliage and erect 60cm spires of pure white flowers over much of the summer. Sun.£3.00
VERONICAspicata 'Red Fox'This is a handsome spiky speedwell putting on a grand performance of 30cm spires of bright rose-red flowers over much of the Summer above mounds of shiny dark green leaves. Sun.£3.00
VERONICASTRUMvirginicum 'Album'Dignified multi-spired flower stems reach from 90 to 120cm clothed in a multitude of pure white flowers from Aug to Sept. Sun or semi-shade. £3.00
VERONICASTRUMvirginicum 'Pink Glow'Like a supercharged Veronica. Up to 2mt high with strong stems topped with soft pink flowers in Aug and Sept. Very hardy and long lived. £3.00
VINCAminor 'La Grave'Pliny in the 1st century AD wrote of the 'Pervinca'. How pleasant that we still call this superb ground cover periwinkle. Fine for deep shade or sun. Its pure blue flowers are a spring time joy. 15cms. AGM £3.00
VIOLAsororia 'Freckles'We were first given this plant by the late Bill Archer whose plant generosity was boundless. A neat form of the Confederate Violet will grow in sun or shade wet or dry producing scrumptious large white flowers freckled with blue in April and May. £3.00