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Genusspecies/nameDescription Price
IMPATIENSomeianaCollected from Mount Omei (Emei Shan) in China's Sichuan province (a mountain estimated to have more than 3000 different species growing on it, Britain only has around 2000!). This creeping balsam seems very hardy has attractive silver veined leaves and large yellow flowers from Aug to Oct. on 20-30cm plants. Sun or semi-shade. Water if very dry. £3.00
INULAhookeriA super daisy from the Himalayas. Masses of Summer flowers of clear yellow and much loved by butterflies. Sun or semi-shade. 60cms. 1849.£3.00
IRIS'Bedtime Story'Handsome lilac blue flowers on this 70cm bearded iris. Full sun. May to June.£3.00
IRIS'Bishop's Robe'Dark velvet purple flowers up to 80cms. Full sun. May to June.£3.00
IRIS'Black Gamecock'Prefers moist soil in sun and shows off huge 10cm blooms of rich purple broken by small explosions of fiery gold 92cm stems £3.00
IRIS'Blue Rhythm'An easy plant to grow, divine shining blue, fragrant blooms on strong 1m stems in June. Sun. £3.00
IRISchrysographesFlowering in June and July on 30cm stems the flowers are fragrant, exquisite deep velvet-purple to almost pure black For sun or semi-shade. A native of W. China. £3.50
IRIS'Dreaming Yellow'.Exquisite pure white petals suffused at the base with clear yellow on 80cm stems in summer. £3.00
IRISfoetidissimaThe Gladwin. A lovely native plant which thrives in the most difficult shady dry places where its bold green leaves harbour delicately purple veined flowers which produce in autumn the most wonderful vivid orange seeds. Much loved for cutting. Sun or shade. AGM £3.00
IRISpallida variegataFantastic for well drained sunny places. Beautiful silver and grey variegated leaves and scrumptious scented pale blue flowers. 90cm. May-June. £5.00
IRISrobusta 'Gerald Derby'This is really lovely, with deep blue flowers emerging from navy blue flushed leaves.60cms. Sun or semi shade. May to June. AGM £3.00
IRISsibirica 'Illini Charm'Shorter than most sibiricas reaching only to 60 cms. Charming clear pink flowers in June. Good soil in sun. £3.00
IRISsibirica 'Outset'Flowering in May and June this is a really lovely iris with blooms of dark blue with a white heart. 80cms. Good soil in sun. £3.00
IRISsibirica 'Perry's Blue'Soft lavender blue with golden markings to the base of the petals. 120cms. Sun or shade. June. £3.00
IRISsibirica 'White Queen'.Lovely white sibirica flowers on 90cm stems in early summer. £3.00
JABOROSAintegrifoliaA rarely seen south American plant. Creeping underground stems produce quite large leathery leaves 15cm long and striking large, pure white tubular flowers 5cm wide, like upturned Angels Trumpets (Brugmansia) in May and June. Hardy to -15C. Warm sheltered spot.£4.50
KIRENGESHOMApalmataDignified vine like leaves with waxy pure yellow, tubular flowers in Aug and Sept. 75 cm. A shade lover from Japan. AGM£4.00
KNIPHOFIA'Brimstone'A delightful 'Red Hot Poker' with lovely slender green and pale yellow spires of bloom up to 75cm from August to November. Very hardy, best in full sun. AGM£3.00
KNIPHOFIA'Green Jade'Impressive 150 cm green flowered pokers. June-Aug. Sun. A Beth Chatto introduction of great beauty. £5.00
KNIPHOFIA'Ice Queen' An Alan Bloom introduction from 1979. Magnificent torches of greenish-yellow buds open to scintillating pure white flowers from June to October. 1.5m.£3.50
KNIPHOFIA'Jenny Bloom'60-90cm pokers which please with their peach-cream flowers tipped with pink. June -September. £3.50
KNIPHOFIA'Percy's Pride'Unusual and stunning with bold green pokers of flower which fade to gorgeous cream. Aug to Oct. Up to 120 cm. Sun.£3.00
KNIPHOFIA'Tawny King'A very popular plant with exquisite tawny-apricot buds which graduate to clear cream when open. 1.2m. July to October. Sun.£3.00
KNIPHOFIA'Timothy'Bronze stems up to 70cms topped with soft salmon peach flowers with darker buds. July to Sept. Sun.£3.00
LAMIUMgaleobdolen 'Herman's Pride'Very attractive ground cover, not as fast as the species. Silver leaves with dark green veining and yellow flowers in May and June. Sun to deep shade.50cm £3.00
LAMIUMmaculatum 'White Nancy'Though she has been around a long time she is still one of the best ground cover plants to brighten shady places with good silver variegated foliage and pure white flowers from February to June. 40 cm.AGM. £2.50
LAMIUMmaculatum 'Wootton Pink'A super ground cover for shade. Silver variegated leaves and masses of soft pink flowers throughout late spring and early summer. £2.50
LAMIUMorvalaA great shade lover with subtle coppery-pink deadnettle flowers on 30cm plants in Spring. The foliage is useful with broad toothed leaves which make an attractive ground cover. £4.00
LATHYRUSaureusWill grow in sun or shade as it is a plant of woods and scrub in south eastern Europe. It forms strong clumps of quite large leaves topped by dense pagoda-like racemes (flower branch) of attractive orange-yellow flowers on 60-80cm plants from May to July. £3.00
LATHYRUSgrandiflorusEverlasting Pea. Wonderfully vigorous perennial climber reaching 6 feet (1.8m) smothered for many summer weeks with eye-catching large deep magenta-pink pea flowers with dark red mouth and lips (keel). It is not scented but makes up for that by its profuse flowering. Sun or semi-shade. Hard to propagate.£4.80
LATHYRUSlatifolius 'Pink Pearl'Pale shell pink. 1596. AGM £3.00
LATHYRUSlatifolius 'Red Pearl'A good dark red. 1596.£3.00
LATHYRUSlatifolius 'White Pearl'One of the most sought after of our plants. Beloved by Gertrude Jekyll. Pure white. 1596. AGM£3.00
LATHYRUSlaxiflorusMats of hairy green leaves studded from April to August with bright violet-blue pea flowers. 40cm. For sun or semi-shade. £3.00
LATHYRUSnigerA plant of open forests in Europe. Stems up to 60cm. bear nodding racemes of soft purple flower in June and July. The old stems are black and twiggy. £3.00
LATHYRUSrotundifolius 'Tillyperone'.Thanks again to Sylvia Norton with the National Collection. A fantastic, and rare climbing, perennial pea relative. Reaches 1.5m and delights over much of the summer with many pink flowers with mauve wings. £3.50
LATHYRUSvernusKnown as the 'Spring Pea' it makes neat mounds of foliage reaching 25 to 30cm high and smothered from March to early Summer in copious flowers of purplish blue and red. Very hardy for sun or shade as it hails from most of Europe where it grows in woods and thickets. £3.00
LAVANDULA'Grosso'A powerfully fragrant lavender, planted in France for perfume production with silver-grey foliage and stems up to 1m tall bearing big spikes of pale lavender blue flowers in summer. Strong plants. £3.00
LAVANDULA'Richard Gray'Striking pure silver foliage and clear violet lavender spikes in summer. Up to 50 cms. Full sun and free draining soil. AGM £3.00
LEONURUSsibiricusStrong Lamium relative with 1-1.5m stems clothed in feathery, hairy leaves and tubular flowers of violet-red from June to Sept. Sun.semi-shade. £3.00
LEUCANTHEMELLAserotinaA sheer delight in late Summer and Autumn. Strong leafy stems up to 2m enriched with a multitude of large pure white daisies, mixes well with Asters as its form is so different. Sun or semi-shade. Good soil, mulch well in winter. AGM. £3.00
LEUCANTHEMUMx superbum 'Becky'Flowers later than many in June and July with purest large white daisy flowers on 1m stems £3.50
LEUCANTHEMUMx superbum 'Phyllis Smith'A pretty old fashioned 'Shasta Daisy' reaching about 1m high with white flowers whose petals are beautifully frilly.£3.00
LINARIApurpurea 'Canon Went'A delight of cottage gardens with its graceful spires of soft pink flowers. Flowers all summer. 120cms.£2.50
LOBELIAtupaStunning giant lobelia up to 2mt high and topped in smouldering red tubular flowers with leaves of soft sage green. Sheltered spot in full sun with free draining soil.1824. Harmful if eaten.£3.20
LYCHNISchalcedonica.Jerusalem Cross. Though this is a native of Russia it was introduced to Europe at the time of the Crusades, by the end of the 16th century it was 'very common almost everywhere' in England. Very hardy plants produce many 90cm stems topped with flat heads of rich scarlet flowers on June and July. Splendid simplicity.£3.00
LYCHNIScoronaria 'Gardeners World'A smashing new form of 'Dusty Miller'. Silver furry leaves and 90cm flower stems topped with clusters of very double rich scarlet flowers in July and August. Sun good drainage£4.00
LYSIMACHIAciliata 'Firecracker'A startling combination of rich purple foliage which makes a theatrical backdrop to the many bright yellow flowers on 90cm stems. Summer flowering. For sun or shade. AGM £3.00
LYTHRUMsalicaria 'Morden Pink'.Useful clear pink spikes of flower over a vast period from June to September. 80cm. Strong plants ex 1litre pots £4.00
LYTHRUM'Zigeunerblut' (Gypsy Blood).Rich carmine-red flower spikes on stems up to 1.2m high. All summer. Strong plants ex 1litre pots £4.00
LYTHRUMvirgatum.More refined loostrife with open spires of pinkish-purple up to 1.2m from July to September. Strong plants ex 1litre pots £4.00
MATTHIOLA'White PerennialA lovely perennial stock with pure white highly scented flowers which always reminds me of vanilla ice cream. Up to 60cms and needing a sunny well drained spot. £3.00
MATTEUCCIAstruthiopterisThe Shuttlecock Fern. An apt name for this easy no nonsense fern. Fresh green fronds shaped just like a shuttlecock appear in early spring and are a delight all summer. Up to 90cms. £4.00
MELITTISmelissophyllum 'Bastard Balm'A very pretty, though scarce native woodlander. Best in some shade. The creeping dark green leaved stems have attractive white, tubular flowers with a mauve stripe. 45cm. £3.00
MOLINEAcaerulea.Purple Moor-Grass. Wonderful grass with dense spikes of purple-green up to 120cm. £3.00
NEPETAparnassicaThe tallest of all nepetas. Up to 2mts high with sturdy erect stems covered with many purple blue flowers for most of the summer. Free draining soil and a sunny spot. £3.00
NEPETAracemosaLovely for edging paths and rose gardens. Low mounds of soft grey scented leaves and a succession of pale blue flowers all summer. 25cms. Sun. AGM£3.00
NEPETA'Walkers Low'A dwarf more compact form of the old Six Hills Giant. Beautiful blue flowers on 60cm plants.£3.00
OMPHALODEScappadocia 'Lilac Mist'For shady sheltered leafy soil the creeping glossy green leaves are a fine backdrop to the delicate lilac flowers on 25cm stems in spring.£3.00
OMPHALODESverna 'Elfenauge'Another beauty from this family of spring harbingers. Creeping stems produce many sublime large flowers of fine blue. 15cm. Sun or shade.£3.80
ORIGANUMvulgare 'Thumble's Variety'A great new marjoram with large lilac pink hanging flowers on 50cm stems. Full sun. Culinary and ornamental. Beloved by butterflies. £3.00