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Genusspecies/nameDescription Price
DESCHAMPSIAcespitosa 'Bronzeschleier'(Bronze Veil)). A tough easy grass with 1.5m high plumes of silver green flowers changing to bronze in late summer. Semi shade and damp soil. £3.00
LUZULAniveaSnow Wood Rush. Much appreciated short rush for sun or shade topped by fine white flower clusters in summer.35cms. £3.00
MELICAaltissima 'Atropurpurea'This plant enjoys a chalky soil and good drainage. A delicate grass producing dainty purple flowers on branched stems followed by jet black seed heads in July. Sun or semi shade.60cms. £3.00
MELICAciliata 'Reine Saat'Silky erect stems with silver grey flowers on 40cm stems in June. £3.00
MILIUMeffusum 'Aureum'Bowles Golden Grass. Very graceful golden leaves topped by ethereal golden flowers on 90cm stems. Lights up dark corners in early summer. Sun or shade. Native. AGM £3.00
MILIUMeffusum 'Yaffle'A compliment to Bowles Golden Grass, this is the lovely pale variegated form of wood millet. Golden flowers up to 100cm in June. Sun or Shade. £3.00
MISCANTHUSsinensis 'Yaku Jima'Beautiful and graceful grey leaves with white stripes of variegation 100cm. £3.00
PANICUMvirgatum 'Heavy Metal' I don't quite see the connection with rock music, but this is a very striking grass with erect pink flower spikes 1.2-1.5m and dusky grey-blue leaves which yellow in the frost.Sun£4.00
PENNISETUMorientale 'Karley Rose'PBR. Among the best ornamental grasses growing to 80cm with strong red plumes of flower July to Sept.Sun and a sheltered spot.£5.40
STIPAoffneriDistinguished 1.2-1.5m erect, open flower spikes with a whispy 'see through' quality. Sun and free draining soil. £3.50