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Genusspecies/nameDescription Price
DICTAMNUSalbus purpureusBurning Bush. Grown since Roman times. Each year erect flower stems are covered in deep pink veined orchid like flowers. These flowers are very aromatic and in hot humid weather it is possible to ignite the plant without harming it. 90cms. May to July. Sun and good draining. AGM£4.00
DIGITALIS'Sutton's Apricot'One of the most desirable of all foxgloves. 120 cms spires of apricot coloured flowers in late spring. Semi shade. 20th century. Toxic if eaten. AGM £2.80
DIGITALISluteaSmall primrose yellow flowers on 60cm stems above shiny dark green leaves. A charming foxglove for the woodland garden. Perennial. Toxic if eaten. £2.80
DIGITALISpurpurea albifloraWhite form of our native foxglove. Stunning when planted under trees where the flowers illumine the green shade. pre 1600. Toxic if eaten. £2.80
DIGITALISpurpurea 'Pam's Choice'A fabulous selection. 1.2m stems with grand waving spires of large white flowers enhanced by deep burgundy throats. June-July. £3.00
DISPOROPSISpernyiA native of Chinese forests this shade lover is a relation of Soloman's Seal. It's creeping shoots form evergreen colonies bearing hanging ivory white tubular flowers in June. 20 cm. £3.00
DISPORUMcantoniense 'Green Giant'.Plants for part shade attractive glossy bamboo-like foliage with drooping green flowers in May and June. Up to 60cm. £5.00
ECHINACEApallidaUnusual and beautiful producing 80cm stems topped with elegant flowers with numerous pink petals that hang like alien legs from dark central cones from July to September.£3.00
ECHINACEApurpurea 'Magnus'A good old favourite. Bold, broad flowers of striking red on 1m stems. Great cut flower. July-Sept. AGM.£3.00
EPILOBIUMangustifolium 'Stahl Rose'Very lovely pale pink version of our native Willowherb.£4.00
EPIMEDIUMx warleyense.This is an outstanding member of this large family good semi-evergreen ground covering foliage and in spring masses of unusual orange-yellow flowers up to 50 cm best in semi or full shade with leafy soil and water well to get established. £3.00
ERYNGIUMdeppeanum NJM 05.031.An exciting new sea-holly collected by Nick Macer from high mountains in Mexico. Evergreen spiney leaves and flower stems to 80cm bearing many unusual dark maroon-red flowers in summer. Sun. £3.50
ERYNGIUMagavifoliumA splendid show of evergreen, sabre like leaves with many teeth surrounding the 90 to 120 cm stems which bear large green thimble-like flower clusters in late summer. Sun. £3.00
EUPATORIUMmaculatum 'Atropurpureum'Joe Pye Weed. One of the most sought after plants for the autumn border. Robust and beautiful with 2m purple red stems topped with wine red fluffy flowers. Not fussy as to soil or position. AGM£3.00
EUPATORIUMmaculatum 'Purple Bush'More compact than the species bearing attractive fluffy flower clusters of rich purple. Wonderful for the late border. A new variety. Not fussy as to soil or position.£3.50
EUPATORIUMmaculatum 'Phantom'.Much shorter than its brothers and sisters reaching only 90cm and useful nearer the border front, with clusters of pale purple flowers in late summer. Ex 1litre pots£4.00
EUPATORIUMrugosum 'Chocolate'Stunning dark purple foliage and stems adorned with pure white fluffy flowers from July to Oct. 100 cms. Semi shade. AGM£3.00
EUPHORBIAcyparissias 'Clarice Howard'Easily grown in light sandy soil this lovely little euphorbia makes a 10cm mound of rich honey scented yellow flowers from May to Sept. Good Autumn colour. Toxic and skin irritant. £2.50
FILIPENDULA'Kahome'Shorter than many of its kindred reaching 60cm its attractive ferny foliage is a good base for the myriads of fluffy pink flower clusters that delight in June and July. Sun or semi-shade. Damp soil. £3.50
GERANIUM'Anne Folkard'This is a real joy, from a central plant spring many trailing stems clothed in golden leaves and bedecked with many large flowers of richest magenta eyed with black in June and July. Best in full sun. AGM.£3.50
GERANIUM'Blue Cloud'A super pratense type with large radiant pure blue flowers up to 60 cms in summer. Sun or semi shade. £3.00
GERANIUM'Brookside'Of pleasing habit with splendid clear blue flowers up to 80cm from June to Sept. One of the best. June to Sept. Sun or shade.£3.00
GERANIUMX cantabrigiense 'Cambridge'A superb ground cover with creeping aromatic stems and masses of bright pink flowers in June and July 30cms Sun or shade. £3.00
GERANIUMhimalayenseA fine member of this abundant family. Graceful flowers, in early summer of radiant violet-blue with fine veining above finely cut, elegant leaves. 30 cm. Sun or shade. £3.00
GERANIUMmaculatum 'Beth Chatto'A plant that loves the wet but is happy on dry land as well. Graceful growth and flowers of sensuous soft pink from April to July. 50 cm.£3.00
GERANIUMmaculatum 'Elizabeth Anne'Remarkable green leaves over painted with chocolate making the perfect backdrop to the large lilac-pink flowers from May to June. Sun or semi-shade. 60cm £3.50
GERANIUMmagnificumA classic, but one of the best, forming large clumps of hairy leaves and large flowers of violet blue.70cms.June sun or semi shade. AGM £3.00
GERANIUM'Johnson's Blue'A very pleasing plant with airy foliage and beautiful large lavender blue flowers with darker veining. 30cm Sun. June. AGM£3.00
GERANIUM'Nimbus'This is covered with masses of strong blue flowers over lovely ferny leaves during late spring and early summer. Sun or semi shade. £3.00
GERANIUM'Orion'Like a much taller version of Brookside. Ours was still in flower at the end of November. Up to 75cm. Sun or semi shade. £3.00
GERANIUMphaeum 'Album'A 'Lady bright' compared to the 'Mourning Widow'. Clear white flowers from May to August on. 60cm stems. May to August. Sun or deep shade. £3.00
GERANIUMsanguineum 'Apfelblute'A brand new 'Bloodie Cranesbill' with beautiful apricot pink flowers on 20cm tall plants. Good groundcover. June to July.£3.00
GERANIUMsanguineum 'New Hampshire'This cranesbill has fine rich purple flowers up to 25cm high on wide hummocks of foliage. Sun or semi shade. £3.00
GERANIUMsanguinium albumVery attractive creeping mounds of dark green foliage brightened by large purest white flowers in May and June.25cm AGM. £3.00
GERANIUMsanguineum var striatumA most beautiful native form of the Bloody Cranesbill. The spreading leaves and stems are furnished with clear light pink flowers veined with crimson. Grown in gardens since 1732. AGM£3.00
GERANIUMsanguinium 'Ankums Pride'And a pride it will be to you in your garden. One of the best cultivars of this much grown species. From May to July it delights with quantities of wonderful rich rose-pink flowers above neat mounds of pale foliage. Best in sun. 15cm £3.50
GERANIUM'Sue Crug'Lovely low growing variety with dark purple flowers striped pink with a dark eye. 40cms. June -Sept. Sun semi shade. £3.00
GERANIUMsylvaticum 'Album'.The delicious Wood Cranesbill. This is the pure white flowered form having graceful dignity in May and June. Pale foliage and 70cm high. £3.00
GERANIUM'Terre Franche'Another super addition to the collection with lovely purple blue flowers on 45cm stems in June and July for sun or semi shade.£3.00
GERANIUMx oxonianum 'Katherine Adele'A really effective foliage plant with chocolate purple splashes on the leaves which look good even in the winter (if mild). The flowers are pale mauve with dainty filigree of veining .A Dan Hinkley plant. £3.00
GEUM'Coppertone' From May to July one has a profusion of nodding apricot-copper flowers on 30cm stems. Rich moisture retentive soil in sun. £3.00
GEUM'Mrs W. Moore'Jolly pendulous pink semi-double flowers from May to July. A Geum rivale hybrid like the above.30cm £3.00
GEUMrivale 'Leonard's Variety',Water Avens. A lovely form of one of our beautiful natives. Tolerates dry soil but thrives in the damp. From strawberry-like leaves spring 45cm (18") ruddy stems smothered in chic dark pink dangling flowers all summer.Sun or shade. £3.00
GOMPHOSTIGMAvirgataA new introduction from South Africa. Shrubby, upright 1m stems of silver foliage and pretty cream flowers from June to Nov. A relative of buddleja. £3.50
HABENSTRETIAdentataAn unusual South African creeping plant with many stems of tiny thyme-like leaves and 35-40cm spires of white tubular flowers in Summer. From Mat Bishop at the Garden House, Devon.£3.00
HELENIUM'Wyndley'Large flowers of bronze-yellow with attractive recurved petals. 75 cm. July-Sept.£3.00
HELIANTHEMUM'Wisley Pink'.A most valuable garden plant with fresh grey leaves and masses of delightful pink flowers through May and June. Cut back after flowering. 25cm. Sun.£3.00
HELIANTHEMUM'Georgeham'.Super large, single dark pink flowers on 25cm mini shrubs in May and June. Sun.£3.00
HELIANTHUSmaximilliani.Maximilian Sunflower. Very hardy neat clumps of lance shaped leaves and up to 3m stems covered with many pure golden yellow flowers in summer. Tolerates dry ground very well. £3.00
HELIANTHUSLemon Queen'This is a bright explosion of lemon yellow flowers in late summer and early autumn. Quite staggering! Up to 2m. Sun.£3.00
HELIANTHUSsalicifoliusRising up to between 2 and 3 mts in height this golden sun flower has leaves and stems reminiscent of a willow wand. Makes a wonderful specimen plant which is bound to baffle your friends. Sun. £3.50
HELLEBORUSX hybridus SpottedLarge white flowers spotted with plum freckles.Sun or shade.January onwards.Younger plants so hence the price. £3.50
HEMEROCALLIS'American Revolution'A really easy daylily with dramatic deep maroon black flowers from July to Sept. 50cms. Good soil in sun.£3.50
HEMEROCALLIS'Gold Chimes'Though well known this is a perennial pleasure with a long supply of deep golden yellow scented flowers with a mahogany reverse to the petals.90cms.Sun. AGM £3.50
HEMEROCALLIS'Hyperion'In Greek mythology Hyperion was the father of the Sun, Moon and Dawn. A daylily of great beauty with pale yellow sweetly scented flowers from June to Aug. 50 cm. Sun semi-shade. £3.50
HEMEROCALLISlilioasphodelusIntroduced in 1596. Graham Stewart Thomas writes 'This beautiful plant ushers in the lily season with great quality and charm'. May and June flowers of clear yellow with 'unforgetable fragrance' G.S.T. 70 cm. Sun semi-shade. Trouble-free. AGM. £3.50