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Genusspecies/nameDescription Price
BIDENSaureaYou may know the tender bedding Bidens. This is very hardy and vigorous for sun or semi-shade with strong stems topped of with endless supplies of pale lemon yellow daisies.1 m. Sept to Oct.£3.00
BIDENSaurea 'Hannay's Lemon Drop'You may know the tender bedding Bidens. This is very hardy and vigorous for sun or semi-shade with strong stems topped off with endless supplies of pale lemon yellow daisies.1 m. Sept to Oct.£3.00
BOLTONIAasteroidesTall plants making a 2m waterfall of white daisies in early autumn. A choice late show.£3.00
BRUNNERAmacrophylla 'Betty Bowring'Billowing masses of pure white flowers over dark green heart shaped leaves.April. Up to 40cms. £3.50
BRUNNERAmacrophylla 'Jack Frost'PBR This is a stunning new plant. Good in shade or sun. It's leaves brilliant silvery-white netted with green veins and, in spring, perfectly complimented by a frothy abundance of forget-me-not sky blue flowers. 50 cm.£4.80
CALAMINTHAgrandifloraThis is a delightful aromatic edger with myriads of charming bright pink flowers from June to Sept. Grows well in sun or shade. A good companion to white pinks. 1596. £3.00
CAMPANULAlactiflora 'Lodden Anna'Wonderfully tough and easy with strong 3-5ft stems bearing upturned open bells of delicate lilac-pink from July to Sept. Sun or shade. £3.00
CAMPANULAlatifolia macranthaFine rich violet-blue bell clusters on 3ft stems from June to Aug for sun or shade. £3.00
CAMPANULApersicifoliaPeach leaved bellflower. For sun or semi shade, this hardy campanula reaches 90cms bearing open spikes of pure blue flowers from May to June. 16th century.£2.50
CAMPANULApunctata 'Wedding Bells'Strong growing and good ground cover this is covered with exquisite pure white hose-in-hose flowers in summer. 30cms. Sun or semi shade. £3.50
CAMPANULArotundifoliaOur pretty native harebell flowering from June to August with lots of dainty dancing blue bells. 30cms. Sun. £2.50
CAMPANULA'Sarastro'This plant sells on sight with eye catching large, deep violet -purple flowers on upright 60 cm stems from June to September. Sun or shade.£3.50
CAMPANULAtakesimana 'Elizabeth'An excellent ground cover with large freckled bells of pinkand maroon.Flowers for many weeks in mid summer. 60cms. Sun or semi shade.£3.50
Border Campanulas Collection. 5 different of our selection £14.00
CARDAMINEquinquefolia.An eastern European Lady's Smock which forms spreading clumps of cut leaves and provides a lovely array of purple flowers on 20-30cm stems in spring, a woodlander that does well beneath shrubs.£3.00
CENTAUREAmontanaPerennial Cornflower. Large blue flowers in June. Very hardy. 30cms. 1596. £2.50
CENTAUREAmontana albaUseful and appealing white flowered form of the above. Sun. £3.00
CENTAUREAmontana carneaA fine pink flowered form of this easy and useful perennial. Flowers in early summer. 40cm. Sun. £3.00
CEPHALARIAgiganteaA stunning tall scabious with soft yellow flowers in June. Back of the border. 2m tall. Sn. 1759. £3.00
CHAMAEMELUMnobile flore-plenoThe lovely old double flowered chamomile, forms sweetly scented mats of ferny foliage with pretty double white flowers on 10cm stems in summer. Sun, good drainage.£2.50
CHRYSANTHEMUM'Anastasia White'Produces tight pom-poms of palest pink flowers in late autumn. Very hardy and a great asset to the garden at a time of little flower. 75cms. Oct-Nov.£3.50
CHRYSANTHEMUM'Anne Lady Brocket'.Large single pale peach-pink slightly shaggy flowers. 90cm. October.£3.50
CHRYSANTHEMUM'Apollo'An old Korean variety with beautiful semi double flowers yellow centred with bronze orange petal tips. Mid season. 75cms.£3.50
CHRYSANTHEMUM'Apricot'Lovely single apricot flowers in Oct and Nov. One of the plants on the NCCPG list of endangered plants.£3.50
CHRYSANTHEMUM'Brightness'Stunning double, dark brick-red flowers in October - Nov.£3.50
CHRYSANTHEMUMChelsea Physiccultivar from the Chelsea Physic Garden. Beautiful autumn sunset shades of red and orange with quilled petals. Nov.£3.50
CHRYSANTHEMUM'Cottage Yellow'Very double dark lemon-yellow flowers.£3.50
CHRYSANTHEMUM'Carmine Blush'.Large single dark pink flowers with a yellow centre. Neat.70cm. Oct-Nov.£3.50
CHRYSANTHEMUM'Duchess of Edinburgh'.Wonderful fiery red double flowers. 70cm. Sept-Nov.£3.50
CHRYSANTHEMUM'Emperor of China'One of the oldest Chrysanths which was grown by William Robinson in the 1880's when it was known as 'Old Cottage Pink'. Normally flowering in November and December with large double blooms of shell pink having beautifully quilled petals. When frosted the leaves turn to ravishing shades of red, a perfect backdrop to the flowers.120cm (4')£3.50
CHRYSANTHEMUMrubellum 'Mary Stoker'A pleasing neat habit and delicate apricot yellow single flowers from Aug to Oct. 90cms. Sun.£3.50
CHRYSANTHEMUMrubellum 'Mrs Jessie Cooper'Beautiful single dark red flowers from Aug to Oct. Up to 90cms. Sun.£3.50
CHRYSANTHEMUM'Tapestry Rose'Another plant on the NCCPG list of endangered plants. This has beautiful flowers of soft faded claret in Oct. 80cm£3.50
CHRYSANTHEMUM'Innocence'.Single delightful pale pink flowers with a yellow eye. 80cm. Oct-Nov.£3.50
CHRYSANTHEMUM'Bronze Elegance'.Japanese semi-pompom, masses of russet-orange flowers. 70cm. Sept-Nov.£3.50
CHRYSANTHEMUM'Winning's Red'.Large single bright red petals with yellow centres. 75cm. Sept-Oct.£3.50
CHRYSANTHEMUM'Nancy Perry'.Dark pink buds fade to soft dusky pink semi-double. 70cm. Oct-Nov. 1945.£3.50
CHRYSANTHEMUM'Ruby Mound'.Stunning deep maroon-red double flowers. 75cm. Oct-Nov.£3.50
CHRYSANTHEMUM'Nantyderry Sunshine'.Japanese semi-pompom. Orange buds open to double lemon-yellow flowers. 70cm. Oct-Nov.£3.50
CHRYSANTHEMUM'Perry's Peach'.Fine single peachy-pink flowers. 80cm. Oct-Nov.£3.50
CONVALLARIAmajalis 'Prolificans'Lovely double white flowered form of Lily of the Valley. Will grow in full sun or quite deep shade. £4.00
CONVALLARIAmajalis variegataYellow stripes of variegation on the leaves. White Lily of the Valley flowers. Semi-shade or shade. £4.00
CORONILLAvalentina subsp. 'Glauca'Delectable evergreen shrub with silvery vetch-like leaves reaching 2 - 3m. beautifully dressed with clusters of richest yellow, highly fragrant flowers from April to June. Prefers a sheltered fence or wall. Makes a beautiful conservatory plant in the coldest regions. £3.50
CORYDALIScurviflora subsp. 'Rosthornii'Similar to C.flexuosa but with stunning rich dark blue flowers over a long period from April to July. For sun or semi-shade. 30cm. Very rare. £3.50
CORYDALISflexuosa 'Pere David'Clusters of the most vivid blue flowers over very attractive ferny foliage. Needs semi shade and good woodland soil. One of the stars of the last few years. £3.00
CORYDALIS'Spinners'Taller than C.flexuosa with scented flowers of Mediterranean blue in Spring. Sun or shade in humus rich soil. 60cm. £3.00
CRAMBEcordifoliaI can only liken the mass of flower on this plant to the spray of surf when a large wave hits a rock. Reaching to 1.8 mt. and covered in vast numbers of small honey scented white flowers from May to June. Sun.1822. £3.50
CROCOSMIA'Emily McKenzie'Very large orange flowers with deep red markings.60cms.July to Oct. Damp soil in sun. £3.00
CROCOSMIA'Honey Angels'From August to October myriads of clear bright yellow flowers on 40cm. Stems. Sun. £3.50
CROCOSMIA'Star of the East'We saw this at Great Dixter and had to have it. Super, large upward facing flowers of pure orange , 60cm. Sun.AGM.£3.50