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Genusspecies/nameDescription Price
ACANTHUSspinosusThe most magnificent of border plants with large deeply cut leaves topped by wonderful tall spires of dark pink and white lipped flowers. Up to 150cms. Sun. £3.00
ACHILLEAgrandifoliaLarge attractively cut leaves on a bold plant up to 120cms high topped with spectacular cream flower heads in June. Sun or shade. Good cut flower. £3.00
ACHILLEAmillefolium 'Lilac Beauty'Another good shade of gentle lilac. Full sun.75cm. June.£3.00
ACHILLEAsibirica 'Love Parade'Exquisite soft pink umbels of flower on 45cm stems. A recent introduction. July to Sept. Sun. Very hardy.£3.00
ACHILLIA'Coronation Gold'.Super, very hardy plant with 90cm. stems of flat topped really bright yellow flower clusters. Good ferny foliage. £3.00
ACHILLIAmillefolium 'Lachschonheit' (Salmon Beauty).Makes 1m high stems topped with subtle salmon-orange flower heads which tastefully fade to pink tinged white.£3.00
ACONITUMcarmichaelii Wilsonii 'Barkers Variety'.1.5m stems display fine hoods of lavender-blue in September and October. £3.00
ACONITUMnapellus 'Schneewittchen'A wonderful new snow white aconitum. Up to 1mt and happy in sun or shade. Toxic if eaten. £3.50
ACONITUM'Kelmscott'Rich dense spikes of violet-blue flowers on 1.5m stems in Sept and Oct. AGM. Toxic if eaten.£3.00
ACTAEAmatsumurae 'White Pearl'Used to be known as Cimicifuga. Beautiful spires of pure white flowers above ferny foliage in late autumn. Moist soil in semi shade.120cms.Highly scented. £3.00
AEGOPODIUMpodagraria 'Variegatum'Variegated ground elder. No, No, No! Please don't rush away at the sound of it. In the right place where it can't hurt other plants and can be contained it is a most valuable ground cover. Masses of big white variegated leaves from early spring. Fantastic in difficult dry shade. 30cms. Sun or shade.£3.00
ALLIUMschoenoprasum 'Forescate'A lovely ornamental allium with large flower heads of deep pink. Makes an excellent edging and is very hardy. 25cm. Full sun. May June. £3.00
ALLIUMsenescensA very attractive allium with loose clusters of sugar pink flowers in June. 45cms. Full sun. £3.00
ALLIUMsikkimensisGrassy green leaves produce 6-9 inch flower stems displaying beautiful pure bright blue flowers from June through the summer.Sun.£3.00
ANEMONEdichotomaA rare anemone for sun or shade. Produces masses of pure white cup shaped flowers in June on 30 to 45cm. Stems. £3.00
ANEMONEhupehensis 'Prince Heinrich'Raised in 1902 and still a real beauty. 80cm stems topped with rich purple-red semi double flowers from August to October. Sun or semi shade. AGM£3.00
ANEMONEhybrida 'Serenade'A profusely flowering plant with 70 cm stems of fine dark pink semi double flowers from Aug to Oct. £3.00
ANEMONEleveilleiA lovely plant with jolly 4cm white flowers the outside of which are blush pink produced in April and May. Sun. £3.50
ANEMONEnemorosa 'Ice and Fire'Exciting new wood anemone with white flowers that become red as they age. Semi shade. £4.50
ANEMONEnemorosa 'Lady Doneraile'Exquisite large white wood-anemone flowers in spring. Semi-shade or shade. 18cm. £3.00
ANEMONEnemorosa 'Parlez Vous'.A most delightful wood anemone (they all are really) bearing joyous pale blue flowers in springtime. £3.00
ANEMONEnemorosa 'Viridiflora'Another intriguing wind flower where the flower petals are replaced by strange ruffs of attractive green bracts which last for weeks in Spring. 5cm. Sun or shade.£3.80
ANEMONEranunculoidesThe Buttercup Anemone. Hailing from the deciduous forests of Europe, this is a bright yellow carpeter whose flowers reflect the spring sunshine. Semi shade. 25cms. AGM£3.00
ANEMONEsylvestrisThe Snowdrop Windflower. What an evocative name says it all really. White scented flowers on creeping roots. May to June. Semi shade or sun. Up to 30cms. £3.00
ANTHEMIScupanianaBeautiful silver foliage on an 45cms high spreading mound covered with pure white daisies all summer long. Good drainage and full sun. AGM £3.00
ANTHEMIS'Susanna Mitchell'Slightly more vigorous than cupaniana. Up to 50 cms with fresh cream daisies in early summer. Full sun.£3.00
ANTHEMIS'Wargrave'One of the best pale yellow flowers for the summer garden. Radiant from May until the first frosts. £3.00
AQUILEGIAcanadensis.Pretty dangling red flowers with yellow centres in early summer up to 70cm. sun or light shade. £3.00
AQUILEGIAchrysantha 'Yellow Queen'Beautiful wide spreading flowers of golden yellow. 75cms. May to June. Semi shade.£3.00
AQUILEGIA'Rose Queen'Deep pink spurs and sepals with a white centre. A delight.40cms. Semi shade. £3.00
AQUILEGIArockii40cm stems display charming graceful lilac-red flowers with white edges from May to July. Sun.£3.00
AQUILEGIAvulgaris 'Norah Barlow'A uniquely beautiful columbine with very double flowers of pink and green on 75cms stems. Sun or semi shade in late spring. pre 1600. AGM £3.00
AQUILEGIAvulgaris 'Ruby Port'Masses of very double ruby red flowers. Up to 60 cms and very dramatic.£3.00
ARTEMESIAlactiflora Guizhou GroupThis is an herbaceous plant whose beauty lies in its dark purple mounds of deeply cut foliage topped by cream flowers up to 2m tall. Moist soil. £3.00
ARTEMESIAponticaRoman Wormwood. A vigorous ground cover working well with old roses. Soft grey foliage up to 60cms. 16th century. £3.00
ARUMitalicum marmoratumA must for winter foliage and flower arranging. The dark green leaves push through the soil in late autumn and are covered with the most marvellous white variegation. The flowers are followed by wonderful orange berries in Aug - Sept. Sun or shade. 30cms. Poisonous. AGM£3.00
ARUMitalicum 'Tiny'A smaller version of the above, equally stunning with intricate white veining to the glossy green winter foliage. Superb with Snowdrops. £3.00
ASARUMeuropaeumAsarabacca. Unusual woodlander with attractive, glossy kidney-shaped leaves and strange brown cup shaped flowers.30cm. £3.00
ASPHODELINEluteaStatuesque 90cms spikes of fragrant yellow flowers above grey grassy leaves. Grown since classical times. 1596. £3.00
ASPHODELUSaestivus90cm high clumps of grey-green grass-like leaves and branched stems of beautiful white starry flowers in early summer. Sun. £3.50
ASTERageroides 'Asran'A rare beauty with true blue flowers each with a yellow heart. Needs no staking. 90cms sun or semi shade.£3.00
ASTERamellus 'Veilchenkonigin'A stunning short aster with rich dark violet flowers on 50 cm stems in August and Sept. Sun or semi shade. AGM £3.00
ASTER'Coombe Fishacre'A wonderful aster with masses of pale lilac flowers with a rosy pink eye. Very hardy and mildew free. In flower during October. Up to 120cms. Sun or shade. AGM£3.00
ASTERdiplostephioidesWhy is this so rarely seen? Flowering in May and June with fine large 5-7cm wide bright purple blooms on 40 cm stems, the perfect complement to pinks as good drainage and sun are its preferred conditions. Sikkim.£3.50
ASTERdivaricatusThe White Wood Aster. For sun or shade the purple stems give rise to many pretty white stars with yellow centres from June to October.90cms. £3.00
ASTERx herveyi (Twilight).A fine plant in flower from late summer into the autumn brightening the border with a multitude of large flowers of violet-blue easy and vigorous plants up to 90cm. Mildew resistant.£3.00
ASTERlaevis Arcturus'One of our favourite asters. Tall stems bearing rich dark blue flowers stunning against the dark purple foliage. Up to 180cms. Sun or semi shade Sept -Oct.£3.00
ASTERlateriflorus 'Horizontalis'Covered in hundreds of tiny white flowers each with a dark pink eye. This really is the most worthwhile plant. Sept to Oct.60cms. Sun or semi shade. AGM£3.00
ASTERlateriflorus 'Lady in Black'The attractive dark purple red foliage gives great emphasis to the pure white flowers. Flowers for many weeks in early autumn. 90-120cms. Sun or semi shade.£3.00
ASTER'Little Carlow'Tall spires of numerous pretty blue stars up to 80cms July to Oct. Sun semi shade. AGM£3.00
ASTERnovae-angliae 'Adenken an Alma Potschke'.One of the brightest New England Asters with 90cm stems bedecked with brilliant cerise-pink flowers from August to September.£3.00
ASTERnovae-angliae 'Herbstschnee'(Autumn Snow) An apt name for this showy plant with 150cms stems covered in white flowers from August to October. Sun or shade any soil. Mildew resistant.£3.00
ASTERnovae-angliae 'Purple Dome'A good dwarf aster. Up to 60 cms with rich deep purple double flowers in Sept. Sun or semi shade.£3.00
ASTERnovi-belgii 'Mistress Quickley'Strong sprays show off rich violet flower clusters on sturdy 90cm stems. Aug-Oct. Sun or semi-shade. 1954.£3.50
ASTERpringlei 'Monte Cassino'Masses of dainty pure white single flowers on 90cms stems. Clothed with small needle like leaves. Wonderful for cutting. Aug to September. Good soil and sun. AGM£3.00
ASTERtrinervius 'var.harae'.Similar to 'Asran' but flowers of purple blue and flowering in early autumn.90cms.Semi shade. £3.20
ASTERturbinellus hybridA graceful plant with myriads of mid violet-blue, airy flower clusters on 4ft stems in October. Very hardy and easy. Good soil and sun or semi shade. £3.00
ASTERumbellatusAn early introduction from 1768. Completely different to its better known relatives it has strong 1.2m stems and multitudes of white flowers centred with yellow in late summer. For sun or semi-shade.£3.50
Aster collection - 5 different of our selection £14.00
ASTILBEchinensis var. tacquetii 'Purpurlanze'A Korean species.This selection being particularly tall showing off purple-red flower spears up to 1.7m tall. These appear in August. Sun or semi-shade. Prefers a damp spot, but is very happy in our sandy soil.£3.00
ASTRANTIA'Moulin Rouge'PBR. A real winner for flower colour with dark, black-red blooms on 45cm plants. Long flowering from April to July and August to November. Sterile so no invasive seedlings. Sun, semi-shade. £4.00