New plants for 2009

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Genusspecies/nameDescription Price
ACHILLIA'Coronation Gold'.Super, very hardy plant with 90cm. stems of flat topped really bright yellow flower clusters. Good ferny foliage. £3.00
ACHILLIAmillefolium 'Lachschonheit' (Salmon Beauty).Makes 1m high stems topped with subtle salmon-orange flower heads which tastefully fade to pink tinged white.£3.00
ACONITUMcarmichaelii Wilsonii 'Barkers Variety'.1.5m stems display fine hoods of lavender-blue in September and October. £3.00
ANEMONEnemorosa 'Parlez Vous'.A most delightful wood anemone (they all are really) bearing joyous pale blue flowers in springtime. £3.00
AQUILEGIAcanadensis.Pretty dangling red flowers with yellow centres in early summer up to 70cm. sun or light shade. £3.00
ASTERnovae-angliae 'Adenken an Alma Potschke'.One of the brightest New England Asters with 90cm stems bedecked with brilliant cerise-pink flowers from August to September.£3.00
ASTERx herveyi (Twilight).A fine plant in flower from late summer into the autumn brightening the border with a multitude of large flowers of violet-blue easy and vigorous plants up to 90cm. Mildew resistant.£3.00
CARDAMINEquinquefolia.An eastern European Lady's Smock which forms spreading clumps of cut leaves and provides a lovely array of purple flowers on 20-30cm stems in spring, a woodlander that does well beneath shrubs.£3.00
CHRYSANTHEMUM'Anne Lady Brocket'.Large single pale peach-pink slightly shaggy flowers. 90cm. October.£3.50
'Duchess of Edinburgh'.Wonderful fiery red double flowers. 70cm. Sept-Nov.£3.50
'Carmine Blush'.Large single dark pink flowers with a yellow centre. Neat.70cm. Oct-Nov.£3.50
'Innocence'.Single delightful pale pink flowers with a yellow eye. 80cm. Oct-Nov.£3.50
'Bronze Elegance'.Japanese semi-pompom, masses of russet-orange flowers. 70cm. Sept-Nov.£3.50
'Winning's Red'.Large single bright red petals with yellow centres. 75cm. Sept-Oct.£3.50
'Nancy Perry'.Dark pink buds fade to soft dusky pink semi-double. 70cm. Oct-Nov. 1945.£3.50
'Ruby Mound'.Stunning deep maroon-red double flowers. 75cm. Oct-Nov.£3.50
'Nantyderry Sunshine'.Japanese semi-pompom. Orange buds open to double lemon-yellow flowers. 70cm. Oct-Nov.£3.50
'Perry's Peach'.Fine single peachy-pink flowers. 80cm. Oct-Nov.£3.50
Dianthus'Argus'.An old cultivar. Quite a dwarf habit with single pure white flowers and a bold dark maroon eye. \thought to be a survivor from a group of show pinks called 'Black and White's'. £3.00
'Allspice'.A fine old cultivar with mottled, single flowers of purple-red with two spots on each petal. £3.00
'Brympton Red'.Introduced by Margery Fish having been found in a workhouse garden. Fragrant single flowers of crimson-scarlet laced and zoned with darker tawny port. Pre 1960. £3.00
'Inchmery'.A superb pink thought to date from the 18th century but may be 17thC as it looks very similar to a woodcut of a pink called 'Master Tuggie His rose gilloflower' in John Parkinson's 1629 book 'Paradisi in Sole Paradisus Terrestris'. Double, strongly clove scented flowers of shell pink up to 20cm. £3.00
'Lady Madonna'.A really stunning new cultivar and wonderfully clove scented. Neat plants with double white fringed flowers and a central eye of ruby-red. £3.00
'London Lovely'.Raised by Mr F.R.McQuown. One of his great family of 'London Pinks'. Semi double flowers laced dark maroon on a white ground. Scented. 1944. £3.00
'Unique'.An old cultivar with rich single flowers coloured like summer pudding with raspberry splashes and dark blackcurrant flashes.Scented. Sumptuous. £3.00
DIANTHUSbarbatus nigrescens.The Sweet William has been in our gardens since the 16th Century. This form has rich deep purple-black flowers on 30cm stems. £3.00
DISPORUMcantoniense 'Green Giant'.Plants for part shade attractive glossy bamboo-like foliage with drooping green flowers in May and June. Up to 60cm. £5.00
EUPATORIUMmaculatum 'Phantom'.Much shorter than its brothers and sisters reaching only 90cm and useful nearer the border front, with clusters of pale purple flowers in late summer. Ex 1litre pots£4.00
EPIMEDIUMx warleyense.This is an outstanding member of this large family good semi-evergreen ground covering foliage and in spring masses of unusual orange-yellow flowers up to 50 cm best in semi or full shade with leafy soil and water well to get established. £3.00
ERYNGIUMdeppeanum NJM 05.031.An exciting new sea-holly collected by Nick Macer from high mountains in Mexico. Evergreen spiney leaves and flower stems to 80cm bearing many unusual dark maroon-red flowers in summer. Sun. £3.50
GERANIUMsylvaticum 'Album'.The delicious Wood Cranesbill. This is the pure white flowered form having graceful dignity in May and June. Pale foliage and 70cm high. £3.00
HELIANTHEMUM'Wisley Pink'.A most valuable garden plant with fresh grey leaves and masses of delightful pink flowers through May and June. Cut back after flowering. 25cm. Sun.£3.00
HELIANTHEMUM'Georgeham'.Super large, single dark pink flowers on 25cm mini shrubs in May and June. Sun.£3.00
HELIANTHUSmaximilliani.Maximilian Sunflower. Very hardy neat clumps of lance shaped leaves and up to 3m stems covered with many pure golden yellow flowers in summer. Tolerates dry ground very well. £3.00
IRISsibirica 'White Queen'.Lovely white sibirica flowers on 90cm stems in early summer. £3.00
IRIS'Dreaming Yellow'.Exquisite pure white petals suffused at the base with clear yellow on 80cm stems in summer. £3.00
LATHYRUSrotundifolius 'Tillyperone'.Thanks again to Sylvia Norton with the National Collection. A fantastic, and rare climbing, perennial pea relative. Reaches 1.5m and delights over much of the summer with many pink flowers with mauve wings. £3.50
LYCHNISchalcedonica.Jerusalem Cross. Though this is a native of Russia it was introduced to Europe at the time of the Crusades, by the end of the 16th century it was 'very common almost everywhere' in England. Very hardy plants produce many 90cm stems topped with flat heads of rich scarlet flowers on June and July. Splendid simplicity.£3.00
LYTHRUMsalicaria 'Morden Pink'.Useful clear pink spikes of flower over a vast period from June to September. 80cm. Strong plants ex 1litre pots £4.00
LYTHRUM'Zigeunerblut' (Gypsy Blood).Rich carmine-red flower spikes on stems up to 1.2m high. All summer. Strong plants ex 1litre pots £4.00
LYTHRUMvirgatum.More refined loostrife with open spires of pinkish-purple up to 1.2m from July to September. Strong plants ex 1litre pots £4.00
MOLINEAcaerulea.Purple Moor-Grass. Wonderful grass with dense spikes of purple-green up to 120cm. £3.00
PARADISIAliliastrum.St Brunos Lily. Should be planted next to Dianthus carthusianorum as St Bruno founded the Carthusians. Sword like leaves and stems to 60cm lit by purest white flowers in June and July. Fine in dry soil but good in moist. £3.00
PATRINIAscabiosifolia.From East Asia happy in sun or shade with attractive divided leaves and 90cm stems of illuminatingly bright yellow branches of flower in late summer. £3.00
PHLOMISfruticosa 'Edward Bowles'.A strong growing Jerusalem Sage with good silver-grey foliage up to 130cm high with very attractive pale yellow flowers in summer. £3.00
PHLOMISlongifolia.A fine low shrub for sun and good drainage with narrow grey-green leaves and clear yellow Jerusalem sage-like flowers in summer. 130cm. £3.00
PRIMULA'Dark Rosaleen'.A smashing old fashioned primula with dark reddish purple leaves and in spring rich red flowers marked with five pale mauve zones and a central eye of yellow. Divide regularly. 15cm. £3.00
SANGUISORBAofficianalis. 'Great Burnet'.Given to us by John Coke from his garden at Bury Court. Up to 120cm stems of dark blood-red flower clusters which dance on the breeze above strong green foliage in summer. Sun or semi-shade.£3.00
SANGUISORBA'Tanna'.Only 30-50cm high with charming blue-green foliage and very many flowers of rich claret from July to September. £3.00
SEDUMacre aureum.Our native Stonecrop, known as Wall Pepper, or better still 'Welcome-home-husband-though-never-so-drunk'. Will grow in the most hostile dry conditions even on a roof. This form has beautiful vibrant gold foliage and yellow flowers in summer. £3.00
SEDUM'Matrona'.Useful purple flushed foliage and pale pink flowers which slowly darken to red in late summer.60cm. Sun. £3.00
SEDUMtelephium var. borderi.Lovely flowers of purple-pink on 30cm plants in July and August. £3.00
SISYRINCHIUMstriatum.Over years of growing this plant I never tire of its clean blue-grey, iris-like leaves and spikes of cream flowers on 80cm stems in mid-summer. Best in full sun, it tolerates drought very well and self seeds in all the right places. £3.00
THALICTRUMdelavayi 'Album'.Meadow rue foliage is always attractive and this plant has lovely delicate pale green foliage supporting exquisite open sprays of purest white flowers up to 1.5m tall. Humus rich soil in sun or semi shade. China.£3.00
TRIFOLIUMrubens.Very unclover-like clover. Strong clumps of soft velvety green leaves and many bold, dense spikes of dark red flowers in summer. 60cm. Sun. £3.00
VERBASCUMphlomoides.This has grown on the nursery since the early 1960's when we bought the seed as 'Harkness Hybrids'. It is a biennial and self sows every year. Large silver-velvet leaves throw up a tall 2m flower spike of large yellow or sometimes white flowers from mid-summer until autumn. Best in sun.£2.50
VERONICAspicata 'Icicle'.Good grey foliage and erect 60cm spires of pure white flowers over much of the summer. Sun.£3.00